Acoustic powerfolk trio

Watching the Belgian band Snaarmaarwaar is always a happy surprise. A trio stands in front of you but the stunning wall of sound coming from their acoustic instruments instead bears the impression of an explosive sextet. In a world full of cloned concepts and tired formats, Snaarmaarwaar write their own story, polishing their unique style day after day.

They take both listeners and dancers on an adventure full of tight grooves and warm melodies. Old traditional tunes and newly composed pieces sit alongside one another, both lively and introverted, tender and rocking. As always, Jeroen Geerinck is the beating heart and pumping turbo engine of the band, paving the way for mandola man Maarten Decombel and mandolinist Ward Dhoore. Their interplay is tight, their music direct and they present a highly original vision of the ancient folk tunes hailing from the mud of Flanders.

To date, the trio have released 3 albums and have played on stages all across Europe and beyond: Nanjing Jazz and World Festival (China), Festival des Luthiers et Maîtres Sonneurs (F), TFF Rudolstadt (D), Kaustinen Folk Music Festival (FIN), Mandopolis (F), Viljandi Folk Music Festival (EE), Sunrise Celebration (UK)… This is Flemish folk, anno 2020, alive and kicking, standing tall in the world of today. A true discovery!

Snaarmaarwaar is

Maarten Decombel


Ward Dhoore


Jeroen Geerinck


What they tell about us

Brilliant playing & keen inventiveness!

The Living Tradition

They are a band that have put considerable thought into their very exciting sound!

fRoots Magazine

Boucing riffs, played with a fierce energy. A splendid imaginative recording.

Dirty Linen