Tunebook (2015) - DIGITAL

The Snaarmaarwaar Tunebook is a collection of all the tunes played by the Belgian band and contains all the melodies written and played on the band’s first three albums. The band have also included many tunes they play live, but which they have never recorded.

The Snaarmaarwaar Tunebook is intended for:
  • Average musicians who love to play newly written folk music and traditional tunes
  • Musicians who want to play this music in a band situation (or ensemble)
  • Mandolin & mandola players looking for suitable music for their instruments
The Snaarmaarwaar Tunebook offers you:
  • Lead melodies
  • Chords & harmonies
  • Second parts
  • Arrangements & bridges
  • Info & notes about the band, the music & the gear
The Snaarmaarwaar Tunebook example pages: